Carol Carter

04 March 2010

italy!! i hope you're not getting tired

hey .... i am finishing the last of the 8 paintings for my show on Italy... titled


here are two more .. finished yesterday.. and set aside to move on with the last 6. i am trying REAL hard not to lose focus or determination.

this was a huge effort for a small scale exhibition- but, in between all these paintings... i taught 4 classes of watercolor, one workshop, MOVED my home of 18 years.. downsized, moved several times within my NEW bungalow.. [because it wasn't finished....]... dealt with winter.. Christmas.. etc etc.

what can i say?

life is sometimes complex!

but.. i LOVE this show.. and I LOVE ITALY.. and I want others to see how beautiful and exotic it is there.

happy day!

Italy 55
24" h x 12"w
Italy Duomo
10" h x 10" w
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jane minter said...

fantastic night scene with a wonderful perspective and colours .... highlighting the iron work ...good luck carol with your little italy show ....i live in italy so love all of these ... my favorites are the tree and the bikes .
kind regards


fheathermoore said...

Beautiful work as usual Carol. The colours are fantastic, and I absolutely love the twinkling light from the street. Good luck with your show, it will be fabulous. Sounds like you're up to your eyes in it at the moment. I just had my first exhibition last week and I've been trying to do all of my coursework and assessments so I can sympathise. I can also sympathise with you on having to focus. Each block in college, I've had to focus for 10 weeks on a particular object, and paint it repeatedly. Whilst you get to know it intimately, you get sick of the sight of it too! It will all be worth it though. Have a fab time!

Carol Carter said...

jane, thank you for the comment. it's amazing that you live in italy -- and that this work is appealing to you. wonderful news! i hope to generate some funds-- to get back there some day!

heather ---yes.. it's hard to finish the course on an exhibition. it IS like school!
i will forge on -- and finish. it will be next september before i am able to have the show though. too much going on this spring and summer. hope your work is going well.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh! what gorgeous colours. The Duomo is a stunning piece of 'abstracted realism' almost bordering on magical. Is there such a thing??
I am asked where do I get my energy to go on creating but what pills are you on Carol or does it come bottled???? So sensible getting all the Italien pieces ready well in advance for your September show - now you can relax if you know the meaning of the word, Miss Busybee!!!!!

Carol Carter said...

thanks joan... actually.. i believe i AM too busy! i have too much going on in every single day... so many things to keep track of.
i am looking forward to the month off in the everglades... where i can focus on two things -- photography and watercolor.
how is life where you are?