Carol Carter

29 December 2012

Small Intruders

Rounding out to 85 insects....  more to come.

Having so much fun!

28 December 2012

Bugs bugs bugs

A few more 


for your consideration

All of them will be included in the SMALL INTRUDERS exhibition

All are original

all are 5" h x 7" w

all are for sale

All are fun!!

27 December 2012

Five on the Floor!

Five new insects for your viewing pleasure!

I am getting closer to accomplishing my goal....   100 bugs and then writing a children's book.

I am at bug 72.... and counting.

Here are five new ones!  They are more colorful and compositional than the the others.

I am challenging myself to be the "most" creative with the final 28-- so that the collection really SINGS!

Stay tuned for more-- and stay tuned for news about the exhibition and children's book in the works.

23 December 2012

I love you ALL!

Thank you 


17 December 2012

Insect- o - mania!!!!

I have been working on 100 Bugs for the past few weeks.  The project stemmed out of my Holiday show.  It's been gathering steam-- both in life and online.  I am up to 55 bugs and counting!

I will be having a show of them this spring.  I am also planning a book and deck of flash cards.  Also perhaps playing cards.


Stay tuned and see more~~

Small Intruders
5" h x 7" w each
all available after the exhibition is launched

06 December 2012

Good Samaritan Hospital

Sweet Magnolia is hanging in the permanent collection of Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon, IL.

This installation photo is of the waiting room on the first floor.

The hospital opens in January.

Sweet Magnolia
22" h x 30" w

02 December 2012

Holiday Open Studio 2012

Holiday Open Studio

The open studio on Friday was a huge success!  There were 200 people that came through the studio during the afternoon/evening.

Sales were brisk....  with over half of the smaller paintings leaving for private collections.

It was a fun time... complete with hot apple cider, wine, and holiday cookies.

Thank you to everyone for coming-- you made the evening special!

If anyone is interested in the remaining smaller, affordable original watercolors remaining-- please email me or visit my other blog for images.

Ann Arbor Michigan Watercolor Workshop

A beautiful workshop in Ann Arbor Michigan 

Last week was spent in Ann Arbor Michigan -- teaching 12 students my approach to watercolor.

It was a lively, special time-- and LOTS of great painters!

They were all execeptional -- and accomplished the projects in record time -- and together as a group.  There was great cohesion to the group-- and we all learned a variety of technique.

Thank you to everyone for coming-- and especially to Debra Zamperla for organizing the event.

Ann Arbor Rocks!