Carol Carter

27 December 2012

Five on the Floor!

Five new insects for your viewing pleasure!

I am getting closer to accomplishing my goal....   100 bugs and then writing a children's book.

I am at bug 72.... and counting.

Here are five new ones!  They are more colorful and compositional than the the others.

I am challenging myself to be the "most" creative with the final 28-- so that the collection really SINGS!

Stay tuned for more-- and stay tuned for news about the exhibition and children's book in the works.


Lady Fishbone said...

wow. surely you're creative ma'am :)

Vandy said...

These are definitely little jewels. What a fine collection of beasties. They are lovely.

Studio at the Farm said...

They are FABULOUS!!! GO, CAROL, GO!!!!!

Micros said...


I enjoy your command of watercolors and the creativity you employ in using them.

Here we take a blank sheet of paper, a packaged item, only to create what the mind seeks and the senses "feel".

Good work!


Carol Carter said...

THank you ALL for these super posts! I'm certainly getting jazzed about these insects.

I will post when I have the exhibition- and Where!

Thank you again for the support!

Catharina Engberg said...

It´s been a while since the last time I visited you. It was great fun to see all the new stuff! Great bugs and insects! Love the colours.