Carol Carter

27 May 2012

Hong Kong Express! My favorite Chinese Takeout!

I wanted to raise the bar on my watercoloring--- so I took on a difficult image to paint.


and cars!

and reflection!

I love the Chinese Take Out up the street from my studio.  While I was waiting for my order-- I noticed the bright neon sign in the window.  It was gray outside--- so the colors in the neon were quite vibrant.

I took it upon myself to photograph-- and store the idea away to paint.

Here is my first stab at it!

It needs to be tweaked-- and I will do that in the next few days.

But for now... here is the 'first state'.

Hong Kong Express
22" h x 30" w

26 May 2012


Two new TEE SHIRTS hot off the press!

I am offering two new tee shirts to go along with my workshops!

They are super fun and will add a lot of life to your studio wardrobe!

JUST ADD WATER is on the frontside of the first TEE and RESPECT THE ARTIST is on the backside.

The second TEE SHIRT is the 10 WATERCOLOR RULES by me!  My students in BALTIMORE came up with the RULES... and suggested that I have them printed on a TEE shirt.

Of course, I loved the idea-- and had my graphic artist -  KRISTEN POWERS design this super TEE!

Buy yours today!

Just email me and request a SHIRT.  Please specify  SIZE and COLOR.  [most colors available]

I accept PAYPAL or check.

When I get an order for 10--I will place it-- and then personally ship you YOUR tee!

Each shirt is 100% Cotton pre shrunk

$20 each for TEE SHIRT
$10 Shipping/handling


23 May 2012

Underwater Swim

A watercolor from an older series was delivered back to my studio this week.  It was fun for me to see what I had done a few years before.   The underwater swimmer is hidden in this piece--- and the abstract bloom almost takes over.  [There is a slight reflection on the painting due to the glass]

I will post others from this series in the next few days.

Underwater Swim
10" h x 10" w

22 May 2012

My new Condo

My new condo is almost done and ready for move in!

Yay!  It's been a long journey to spruce it up and make it fresh!

How do you like it?

I am happy and excited to make the change next week.

Although it was in pretty good condition at closing...  I felt it needed to be repainted and some bamboo floor boards repaired.  Also... new appliances had to be purchased and installed.  I had the basement painted and a slopsink added.

All in all... it's pretty perfect for me.

Come back to see installation photos with furniture and ART!

18 May 2012

Don't Leave Me Behind Tulips!

So...   I have been working on my third painting on FABRIANO paper.  I returned to Spring and familiar subject matter--- TULIPS!

I wanted to see how the paper performed and how the paint handled in the manner that I need it to-- Wet and loose!

So far-- I'm really pleased with the way it's turning out.

I deliberately stopped working on it-- so I could gain perspective.    I want the last tulips to be the center of interest and the most dynamic.  I need to make sure that they will be done with clarity and right color choices and value.

Don't Leave Me Behind Tulips
25" h x 40" w
in progress

17 May 2012

I painted this watercolor self portrait for the online visual FRIDA Challenge!

I had such fun trying to think of a way to honor FRIDA -- but still being true to myself.

Fun time painting.... I think EVERY artist should enter this challenge!

Long Live FRIDA!!!

I Wanna Be Just Like Frida
11" h x 15" w

15 May 2012


I am teaching a workshop in Columbia, South Carolina June 14 - 16, 2012

There are a few spaces left.  Please come and join me to learn some new watercolor techiniques and share in lively, creative, and inspirational workshop!

June 14, 15, 16, 2012, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Village Artists Gallery at Sandhill 631‐8 Promenade Place, Columbia, SC 29229
(803) 699‐8886
(Next to Panera Bread)

$250 due May 20.

Mail check to TAG, PO Box 6793, Columbia, SC 29260 or through PayPal
 (link on

Send your contact information to Renea Eshleman 803.767.5505.

 She will send a materials list and other details.

Panama City Embassy, PANAMA

These two watercolors were chosen to exhibit in the Panama City Embassy, PANAMA  for  2012-2015.

 AIE - Art in Embassies is a program that allow American embassies throughout the world to exhibit American artists.  The State Department handles everything associated with exhibiting these works.

I am excited to be included in such a prestegious program!

The paintings are ready for  pick up,  and will be crated, and shipped to PANAMA soon.

Chinese Lanterns
48" h x 38" w

Everglades Series
58" h x 44" w

10 May 2012


What I've been doing with my free time.

I have this beautiful place to move in to--- but it required a certain amount of work from me before I could.  Like painting... and cleaning, and carpets cleaned, and basement painting, and appliances, and light repairs...

Therefore, the majority of my time has been spent getting this nifty place ready.

Do you like the colors of the walls?  There's a bit of color-- Eggplant and Pear.

As soon as the appliances are delivered [today] and installed [Monday]-- I will include the kitchen photos.

I should probably move the following Friday.

I am excited!

07 May 2012


Have worked some on the blue iris painting---  that follows the FLAME THROWER .
It's cool blues and purples--  with a hit of yellow.

I need to do some tweaking of the 'saved whites'.... and a few more glazes.  However, it was a joy to work on this today!


Ice Iris 
40" h x 30" w
in progress


I did some small alpaca watercolor studies this weekend.  I didn't have much time to paint-- as I am quite distracted by my upcoming move.

However, I had time to do these small watercolors of the alpacas I visited on a farm in March.  They are such sweet and gentle animals!  My friend raises about 30 -- on a farm in Illinois on a gorgeous bluff overlooking the Missouri River.

These animals are treated like pets-- and are raised for their furry, soft coats.  The fur is harvested-- and the wool is then spun into felt-like materials.  The felt can be used to make hats, scarves, coats, sweaters... all WARM!

A sustainable material!  Of course-- the felts are all different colors and textures-- depending on the animal.

I was so pleased and happy to see how lovely and cared for these animals were.

Some day soon-- I will be doing a larger- more detailed study.

Alpacas 1 and 2
8" h x 10" w

03 May 2012

Blue Iris

Blue Iris is taking off.

I have begun a new IRIS painting---  that is softer and less vibrant than the FLAME THROWER.

It will be a cooler palette-- and larger in scale.

Tomorrow will see big changes in it!

Blue Iris
40" h x 30" w

01 May 2012

Center for Advanced Medicine- Siteman Cancer Center, St. Louis, MO

 Center for Advanced Medicine

Siteman Cancer Center

Siteman Center for Advanced Medicine purchased 4 of my watercolors for their lobby this Spring.  I went to Siteman to see the installation yesterday.  
I think it's a beautiful reflection of watercolor in the halls to add warmth and life.

Thank you to Arch Frame for arranging this sale!

40" h x 50" w each

50" h x 40" w

French Countryside
40" h x 50" w