Carol Carter

07 May 2012


Have worked some on the blue iris painting---  that follows the FLAME THROWER .
It's cool blues and purples--  with a hit of yellow.

I need to do some tweaking of the 'saved whites'.... and a few more glazes.  However, it was a joy to work on this today!


Ice Iris 
40" h x 30" w
in progress


jyoti kumar said...

Stunning x100.Ice is good...those whites speak its own language here Carol.

Diana said...

Gorgeous,Carol, Love the vibrancy- and your style! Diana

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Jyoti and Diana. It's in the mid stage now. I need to draw it to conclusion-- but I have no studio time this week.

In the middle of moving into my new home.
Stay tuned for the completion.!

Karen (sissy) said...

This is SO Beautiful! Can only imagine the impact at the size it is. wow.

Carol Carter said...

karen... the Iris will be done soon... but for now-- it stays in this unfinished state.

soon... it will come together.

thank you for encouragement