Carol Carter

22 May 2012

My new Condo

My new condo is almost done and ready for move in!

Yay!  It's been a long journey to spruce it up and make it fresh!

How do you like it?

I am happy and excited to make the change next week.

Although it was in pretty good condition at closing...  I felt it needed to be repainted and some bamboo floor boards repaired.  Also... new appliances had to be purchased and installed.  I had the basement painted and a slopsink added.

All in all... it's pretty perfect for me.

Come back to see installation photos with furniture and ART!


Lakisha Zimmerer said...

Your new condo is so clean and shiny, Carol. I suggest you put some of those water-colored paintings on that blue wall so you can make use of those lights - that would be so terrific!

Colby Moore said...

Hi Carol, it’s been a month since you posted pictures of your new condo. Are you done decorating your new home? I know how exciting it is to embellish your new home with paintings, ornaments and furniture. With a good lighting and spacious place like this, decorating your house everyday will never be a boring activity.

Luise Baanders said...

I absolutely adore your new condo! The floors, the walls, and your beautiful kitchen are truly fit for an artist like you. I like the blue wall in your living room. It’s perfect for hanging your masterpieces there. I’m so excited for you to move in! Congratulations, Carol!

Luise said...

Nice! The wood materials used for the whole unit made it look really cozy. Wood floors look sophisticated, but are also durable and easy to maintain.

Luise Baanders

Kathrine Landau said...

A good artist like you deserves to live in a stunning house like this. Being a good painter blessed with artistic hands, embellishing your place will not be a difficult task. The exquisite arrangement of this house, the woods, furniture and lightings used reflect the fine taste of the owner. With this spacious place, you can regularly conduct your art exhibit at no expense.