Carol Carter

03 May 2012

Blue Iris

Blue Iris is taking off.

I have begun a new IRIS painting---  that is softer and less vibrant than the FLAME THROWER.

It will be a cooler palette-- and larger in scale.

Tomorrow will see big changes in it!

Blue Iris
40" h x 30" w


Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, it looks great already!

laura said...

I love how large this painting is ... and the beautifully elaborate crinkles and undulations of the petals, so characteristic of the iris. And, of course, your amazing color, which I always love!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Studio! I hope to finish it tomorrow!

Thank you too Laura... I hope to pop the color some more in the blooms in the foregroud.

The scale also works in it's favor!

RH Carpenter said...

That sap green is already causing that purple to pulsate on the paper (now say that 3 times fast! ha ha). Beautiful and Big - what more could you want??

Carol Carter said...

SOLD Rhonda... SOLD!!!

jyoti kumar said...

I agree with Rhonda...I am sure it will simply skip out of the paper once it is finished.

Carol Carter said...

I hope the iris skips out of the paper... and then out of my studio as "SOLD"!! thank yu JYOTI~ nice to meet you finally on FB!