Carol Carter

01 May 2012

Center for Advanced Medicine- Siteman Cancer Center, St. Louis, MO

 Center for Advanced Medicine

Siteman Cancer Center

Siteman Center for Advanced Medicine purchased 4 of my watercolors for their lobby this Spring.  I went to Siteman to see the installation yesterday.  
I think it's a beautiful reflection of watercolor in the halls to add warmth and life.

Thank you to Arch Frame for arranging this sale!

40" h x 50" w each

50" h x 40" w

French Countryside
40" h x 50" w


jyoti kumar said...

OMG,OMG...Divine...Fab,Fab...this will forever Brighten the mood of the center and all the weary people coming there.

Musa Balan Watercolor said...

Congrats Carol, perfect works!..

Lynn Phillips said...

Your watercolors are stunning, Congrats!

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, I can imagine the lift in spirits that seeing these paintings would give to those coming here, either for treatment or to wait for someone in treatment. Such joy in these colorful gifts you have shared!! And congratulations on the sales.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Jyoti! Yes... this is a wonderful way for art to be shared. In a WAITING room of a hospital!

thank you Musa... will definitely take a look at your website.

thank you Lynn.... You are so kind!

Hi Rhonda.... I think the waiting rooms in hospitals are extremely important places to soften the tension.
I was happy and thrilled to be included in this project.

Elena Balekha said...

Fantastic works in great setting! It will bring joy and happiness to people and would take their mind off of medical problems.