Carol Carter

29 April 2012

Flame Thrower IRIS watercolor

Flame Thrower is almost done.  It's been a fun journey working with the new FABRIANO paper.

I was thrilled with the way the paint handles..and astonished at how easily it lifts for corrections.  Also.. much easier to add a second glaze without making mud!

FABRIANO makes ARCHES paper look difficult.  I will probably NOT return to ARCHES... but use up what I've already purchased.  Time for a switch.

Stormy rainy day yesterday.  Another few storms on the way this week.  Should be a good week for watercolor!

Flame Thrower
40" h x 30" w
in progress but almost done
email for purchase


Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, your paintings on Arches are great, but this, on the Fabriano is so very much more beautiful. The painting is absolutely ALIVE!!! I can hardly wait to try it.

Jane said...

Carol this is coming along fabulously , WOW !

SARABEL said...

!es tan bonita!

que se me han puesto los pelos de punta....un saludo