Carol Carter

15 April 2012

Iris! on Fabriano! First Stage~~

I am working once again on FABRIANO paper.

It is a challenge-- but good for me to stretch.

FABRIANO is softer and more accepting of watercolor than Arches.

The blooms are more subtle and the colors softer.

The washes seem "easier" to control--- and my painting is more relaxed.

Hopefully-- tomorrow I will get to finish the last of the larger scales washes-- and make a determination as to whether FABRIANO is a good surface.

40" h x 30" w
in progress


Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, it looks gorgeous right now.

jyoti kumar said...

Looks promising so far...waiting to see the end result eagerly

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Studio and Jyoti! I am going to publish the final painting in a few days... thank you for your encouragement!