Carol Carter

02 April 2012

Portlandia Workshop!!!

I have spent the last week in Portland--!!

Yay and yippee!!

First... I taught a 4 day workshop in Menucha-- a beautiful retreat on the bluffs of the Columbia Gorge.

The workshop was 19 artists... from all over the West-- Oregon, Idaho, California, and Arizona.

What a wonderful group of people!

The workshop was sponsored by the WSO -- Watercolor Society of Oregon. Diana did a wondeful job of organizing the art details, and Christine did a wonderful job of keeping the home-logisitics solved.

We painted, ate exceptional meals, walked on the bluffs, talked till we couldn't talk anymore, watched movies at night--- Midnight in Paris, Van Gogh by Leonard Nimoy, and River Runs Through It.... and had a FIRE in a 10 ft fireplace. It was ALL so magical and beautiful.

I - for one- had a wonderful time-- and I believe the students did too.

I enjoyed meeting each and every one. There is always such a tapestry of interests and ideas. Our meal times were always filled with lively discussion and laughs.

The paintings produced were exceptional. As soon as I download the photos to my computer-- I will post.

Thank you to EVERYONE who made the workshop smooth and enjoyable. Thank you too... to ALL the students who traveled near and far to get together.

The inspiration, camaradarie, and creativity flowed...and I was so grateful to be a part of it!

Till next time!!

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