Carol Carter

19 April 2012

My new CONDO!

There is a beautiful new place for me to live.

I am busy working... painting and sprucing up before I move in.

Please bear with me-- while I forego work in the studio... and replace with work on my new home!

It's only 2 blocks from my studio -- so I will be able to shorten the commute to work!



Brendan Amorose said...

It's beautiful, indeed. With a cozy atmosphere like that in the condo, sketching/painting would be quite easy, Carol. In fact, it would be easy to find inspiration if you find yourself comfortable. Also, the walls can be of use for your paintings - hang them up there and be proud of your work!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Brendan! I hope to hang some art here... and I'm looking forward to a comfortable home.

It really is a light-filled space!

Still can't believe I get to live there...


Tyrone Swopes said...

For a talented artist like you, you really deserve to have a spacious and beautiful condo like this. The ambiance of the working environment can also affect the mood of people. Having a stunning and spacious place, with good lighting like, can motivate you to sketch more and craft your masterpiece. You can also turn this place into a beautiful arts studio.

Luise Baanders said...

Well, I wouldn’t mind if you divert a little from your art to spruce up your place. In fact, you can use some of your creative juices to decorate the place! The place looks good even before the redecoration. I’m sure that you already revamp the place with your artistry. Well, hope to see some pix soon! I love to see the end results!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Tyrones and Luise.... I have moved in and made the condo my home. it's simply furnished without a lot of clutter.

I will keep it this way... so that it feels fresh and light!

Thank you for posting!