Carol Carter

29 February 2012

Bountiful Bouquet for LEAP DAY!

Here is a Bountiful Bouquet for Leap Day! I have always loved Leap Day--- probably because it doesn't come around very often!

I did this watercolor several years ago-- but reworked it to have my power and meaning. I think it's finished now ... it's come together nicely for me.

Happy LEAP DAY everyone!

Spring Day!

Spring Day Bounty
30" h x 22" w
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26 February 2012


This lovely painting was painted in record time.... on vellum paper.

I wanted to try a different surface to see how watercolor would behave.

It was quite fun... and the painting just rolled off the brush.

It's impossible to see what you've done... because the wash is so wet throughout the painting. You must let it sit and dry -- before you can tack vertically on the wall.

At the end of the day... I looked at it -- and decided it was worth keeping and pursuing vellum for other pieces.

I really like the palette of the gator..and the freedom of the paint!

Gator Breath
40" h x 25" w
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25 February 2012

I'm feeling blue.. portrait

This watercolor portrait is from 1987. I was cleaning out my flat files and stumbled upon it.

I wanted to throw it away -- but decided to add another wash to it for the possibilites. I covered most of the painting with an Antwerpt Blue glaze.

Imagine my surprise... when it turned out a little deeper and better than I expected!

So... I will spend a little more time on it -- to bring it around to new conclusion.

My students in the studio -- thought I had done a painting of my son. How neat! This portrait was of me 26 years ago... and that's about the age his is now.



Blue Portrait
30" h x 40" w
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24 February 2012

Party Brellas! Watercolor with M Graham Paints!

M Graham watercolor sent me a palette of paints to use for my workshops in Baltimore, MD and Menucha in Portland OR.

The colors were new to me...and they looked so good -- that I decided to try them out!


Here is my day's effort--- PARTY BRELLAS!

I explored each and every pigment they sent ..... lovely quality to the paint and gorgeous coverage. I will have a great time sharing their product.

Each student can try the colors and decide which ones to buy.

Thank you Diana Graham for thinking of me ... and sharing your paint!

Party Brellas
11" h x 15" w

20 February 2012

Another GREAT workshop!

had the privilege of teaching a great workshop in Mt Vernon IL last weekend. Cedarhurst Center for the Arts- Shrode Art Center sponsored the weekend.

We all had a great time... learning, growing, stretching!

I hope the students gained something from the presentations/demos.

There was much inspiration and creativity.

All the students brought enthusiasm and motivation to learn.

Perfect weather... perfect dinners... fun camaderie...and lively conversation !!

the "uppitity girls'' also made their mark!

What a wonderful time!

Next month--- Columbia MD!

Rock on!

18 February 2012


Teaching this weekend to an amazing group of students at Cedarhurst in MT VERNON IL!

What a fun day we had yesterday. EVERYONE is a great artist.. and there is so much creative energy and artistry!

Super class yesterday -- and another one today!

Let's paint!

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
Mt. Vernon, IL

14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

To all my Blog friends!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Your interest, comments, posts, and encouragement mean a lot to me.

If I don't always write back to you-- please know that I appreciate you visiting my blog!

I hope you feel my gratitude for your friendship today!

Happy Valentine's Day!


12 February 2012

WORKSHOP IN NORWAY! August 15- 19, 2012

Date: August 15 - 19 ,2012

Kalvåg, county of Sogn and Fjordane, On the west coast of Norway,

north of Bergen

Workshop fee: $ 500 USD,NOK 2950


Karin Flatøy Svarstad

Tlf. +47 95215399 e-mail:

Travel information: From abroad international flights to Oslo or Bergen.

From Oslo you can go by plane to the small town of Florø. From Florø you go to Kalvåg by express boat(approx 30 mins.)

From Bergen you can go either by plane to Florø and express boat from Florø to Kalvåg, or

express boat all the way from Bergen to Kalvåg(approx. 4,5 hrs.) This trip is really lovely inbeautiful costal scenery.

Domestic airline company:

Accommodation: (Not included)Accommodation can be booked at the guesthouse Knutholmen in Kalvåg. Located close to the Summer Academy and Gallery Frøya. Knutholmen restaurant has good reputation for the food, especially for the seafood catched locally. You can have lunch and dinner there.(not included)

You can choose between double, twin or single rooms. Additional cost for single room.

Double/twin NOK 450,- pr. person pr. night, breakfast included. (approx. USD 75,-)

Single room NOK 700,- pr. person pr. night, breakfast included. (approx. USD 115,-)


10 February 2012

New PORTRAIT watercolor

New portrait today....

I had a wonderful day in the studio..working and thinking about the future... as well as all I've been through in the last few years.

This is what I came up with.

I hope to make this painting into a larger statement some day.


11" h x 15" w

JUMP! watercolor from the SWIMMER series

I reworked some paintings yesterday -- since I didn't feel up to starting something new.

I took an older piece -- a figure jumping in the water-- and put a large wet blue glaze over the whole piece.

As it was drying-- I added hints of Aureolin [yellow] on the tips to add some light and color.

I want the piece to be more answers than solutions to the viewer.

The abstraction and the movement are intriquing in my opinion.

30" h x 22" w

08 February 2012

Everglades GATOR HOLE

I have been busy with life.. these last two weeks.

Today I return to the studio -- determined to finish a full sheet watercolor from the EVERGLADES SERIES.

It's a reflective piece of a mangrove in the middle of a deep gator hole.

It was a striking image one dawn morning... that I saw and wanted to capture visually.

The calm reflection in the water was so still and peaceful.

the abject beauty of the Glades comes through in pristine moments throughout the day.

There wasn't a ripple on the water-- and the perfect stillness was mesmerizing!

It was hard to believe...that all sorts of life exisit just under the surface of water.

Hope to finish the piece today ... will post the final pix if I do!

22" h x 30" w
in progress

03 February 2012

Wave-- Watercolor Demo

Here is the final version of the Wave demo.

The painting is photographed in decent light-- vertically on my studio wall.

I like the subject-- and would love to paint some more waves in the future.

Perhaps Hawaii???

11" h x 15" w

Small Watercolor Tutorial

In preparation for my class tomorrow... I decided to do a wave-- seascape.

Since I've never painted such an image.. I worked out the lesson here.

I thought I would share an edited version of how the painting progessed!

Please know... that the photos were taken flat, while the washes were drying... in poor light.

I wanted to share all the stages of development-- and how I work from passage to passage in the painting.

It is a simple painting.... but I will be happy to do it again tomorrow for my class-- and share the second version here!


watercolor demo
11" h x 15" w

01 February 2012


Here is a snapshot of the way the Everglades Series is shaping up.

I always "overproduce" an exhibition -- so that I have many paintings to chose from. That way... you get to show "the best of the best"!

It is gathering momentum and steam now.

I'm looking for a venue.

If anyone out there has any suggestions-- please don't hesitate to speak up!

I would love to show it by the end of the summer.

All paintings will be framed and ready for installation. I will probably have an accompaning

Everglades Series
2010- 2012 thus far