Carol Carter

10 February 2012

JUMP! watercolor from the SWIMMER series

I reworked some paintings yesterday -- since I didn't feel up to starting something new.

I took an older piece -- a figure jumping in the water-- and put a large wet blue glaze over the whole piece.

As it was drying-- I added hints of Aureolin [yellow] on the tips to add some light and color.

I want the piece to be more answers than solutions to the viewer.

The abstraction and the movement are intriquing in my opinion.

30" h x 22" w


Christiane Kingsley said...

It's beautiful and vibrant! I love the movement in it.

Double "D" said...

You continue to amaze!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Christiane... i like this painting too. I treasure your comments. Thank you for visiting the blog!

Thank you Doug... always wonderful to see you here..and read your posts. Thank you for your enthusiasum!