Carol Carter

08 February 2012

Everglades GATOR HOLE

I have been busy with life.. these last two weeks.

Today I return to the studio -- determined to finish a full sheet watercolor from the EVERGLADES SERIES.

It's a reflective piece of a mangrove in the middle of a deep gator hole.

It was a striking image one dawn morning... that I saw and wanted to capture visually.

The calm reflection in the water was so still and peaceful.

the abject beauty of the Glades comes through in pristine moments throughout the day.

There wasn't a ripple on the water-- and the perfect stillness was mesmerizing!

It was hard to believe...that all sorts of life exisit just under the surface of water.

Hope to finish the piece today ... will post the final pix if I do!

22" h x 30" w
in progress

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