Carol Carter

16 September 2011

STILL WATERS- Watercolor from the Everglades Series

This large watercolor is from the Everglades Series I have been working on.

The pond scape format of slow moving water is indiciative of the wonderful imagery I am trying to portray to convey that complex ecological region.

The Everglades is prinicipally a slow moving "river of grass".... for miles and miles.

The million acre park is a pristine wilderness-- sheltering many animals, birds, and plants.

Over the coming months-- I hope to pursue a complete exhibtion of this national park.

Still Waters
40" h x 30" "


RH Carpenter said...

Carol, this is gorgeous and I love the hint of mystery in the browns there - could be fish, gators, or...who knows? And your latest art show of the portraits of your son is a true feast for my eyes!! You rock, girl and you always will :)

Carol Carter said...

THANKS RHONDA!!! I always love hearing from you!
The Growth Portraits are in ART PRIZE in Grand Rapids.... I hope they win the prize! Thank you for liking them... lovely to hear from you! Hope you are good and painting up a storm! Carol

kae pea said...

your imagery and depth of knowledge of your subjects never cease to amaze me. I am in a constant state of awe when I see your work. Yes, you definitely ROCK!

Diana said...

Love this, it's almost abstract but isn't.. gorgeous work. The colors are brilliant! love,Diana

Carol Carter said...

AW... thank you Kristen! I love your encouragement and support! Your words mean so much to me... and always seem to come at the right time. You rock too my friend..... yes you do!

Thank you Diana! I wanted this painting to be less specific in terms of imagery than most. It borders on abstraction. There is a simplicity to the components of this piece. Thank you for your post! Always wonderful to hear from you.

Susan Liles said...

So beautiful, great start to a series on this subject, can't wait to see more.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Susan... there will be more Everglades paintings soon!
Thank you for all your lovely posts.... I hope our paths cross again.