Carol Carter

10 July 2011

Chinese Lanterns!

I have been inspired to do the chinese lanterns that I found in Chinatown in Lost Angeles.

I want to do a large painting of these beautiful, colorful, airy lanterns ... but before I can do it-- I need to do some homework.

So, I did a smaller painting-- a maquette-- of the lanterns.

This allows me to figure out "how" to paint them. What pigments to use.. how to postition the colors...etc for maximum effectiveness.

I struggle with value it's also a way for me to correct the value and color harmonies. When I begin the larger painting-- many of the struggles will have been addressed -- and I will paint with broader and bolder simplicity!

15" h x 22" w


Cori Lynn Berg said...

This is good advice. I wish I had that motivation.. I just dig in to the big one right away and rarely paint the same subject twice.

I love the chinese lanterns! Always have..we have a chinese lantern and dragonboat festival here in Dallas.. was a lovely time this year!


Studio at the Farm said...

That is indeed good advice, to work out kinks in small before tackling large. Your colors are so striking!!!

Alisha B. Whitman said...

I did a smaller study first for a commission recently and was totally surprised at how much it helped and how much easier it was to paint the bigger one afterwards. Your small one is already great. Love the luminosity!

RH Carpenter said...

Doing a study is such a smart thing to do before tackling a larger painting, Carol. I wish I had the discipline to do it! I like this very much - I was wondering what your son thought of his latest painting? Did he like the pink in there?

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Cori... It took me a long time to learn to be patient, do homework, before attempting larger paintings. Now... I do it most regularly -- and the failure rate of the larger ones has gone down! Should I do an artshow in DALLAS? I am thinking about doing a TX show or two this winter.. any thoughts about that?

HI... THank you for liking my colors! Please tell me your name again.. .so I can get to know you. I always love your posts!

Alisha,Thank you for liking the luminousity ...
Congratulations on your commission -- it really helps to do smaller studies . So many mistakes avoided!

Rhonda, Evan didn't mind the pink. Aberchrombie's color for the spring/summer clothing WAS Evan had tons of pink shirts that he had to wear. Also he developed a comedy routine.. that he performs with his friend called "Pink and Blue" -- poking fun at life. Therefore... I wanted to incorporate pink in the painting. it is most feminine.. but in this instance.. is rather a metaphor!

irinasztukowski said...

I love the fragility of these lights Carol. They are so airy and so colorful! Great work of art :)

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Irina, Thank you for your lovely post. I hope all is well with your summer day! Please visit the blog again....

Arti said...

Patience....always wish,I had more!
Lovely work, Carol.

Catherine De Ryck said...

Beautiful piece ! I love your colors and design. I often do the same kind of homework, I paint some pochades and try to limit the brushstrokes to 10 in order to simplify the subject, capture the right colors and contrasts. Keep up the great job Carol !

Carol Carter said...

thank you ARTI-- I always love seeing your new work too... when it comes across on FB. you are a gifted and true painter.

Thank you Catherine as well. It has been a big help for me to do homework before painting. i tend to waste time, money, paint, and paper when i don't! I learned this when my son was little and I didn't have enough time in the studio to make and remake art!