Carol Carter

16 July 2011

Finished GATOR

I finished the gator painting yesterday...and even flattened out the crease a bit.

There will be more flattening- at the framers -- so that it's perfectly smooth.

I like it now. I worked on the head and made it more beliveable.

The painting is TOTALLY different than I first planned... but that's how it works some time.

35" h x 45" w
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Double "D" said...

You are one cool master of watercolor!
What a gator. Wow, I'm speechless which
is a good thing.

Inspiring to look at and admire.


Studio at the Farm said...

He's a beauty, Carol. What a wonderful painting ... it's almost abstract. [to my uneducated eye]

Carol Carter said...

thank you doug. i hope you aren't really speechless!
It is a nice gator... hopefully he will find a home...

Thank too..... it is VERY abstract== I am not sure how that happened.... but I like it now.

Thank you both for checking in. Your posts mean a lot to me!

Guy and Jo Anna said...

Love this gator. Your use of color is simply amazing!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Jo... I love the gator too. The colors just sort of picked themselves... I wanted him a bit more natural and blending with the environment. Happy painting!