Carol Carter

24 July 2011

Magnolias in BLOOM!

I have been painting magnolias in the last few days--- I couldn't resist there bursting beauty!

Besides, they spoke to me as sensuous imagery. I needed something to add to my Washington DC exhibition... and since magnolias are every where there-- these seemed appropriate.

Do you like 'em?

I do. Each blossom has unique characteristic and beauty. The darker the green background-- the lovlier the pearly white blossom becomes~

I used only two colors in the blossom itself-- Daniel Smith Quinacrodone Burnt Orange and Holbein Lavender. Oh yes, there is a touch of Winsor Newton Aureolin occasionally.

The Lavender is my NEW favorite pigment! It has weight and punch -- while being delicate at the same time.

Love it!

Buy some to try for sure.

I plan to do more in this series - larger ones. But for now-- these are bold, bright, and beautiful mid-size paintings!

Long live magnolias!

Steel Magnolia
20" h x 25" w

Magnolia diptych
15" h x 22" w each

Small Magnolia
11" h x 14" w

My Magnolia
15" h x 22" w


RH Carpenter said...

Carol, each one is absolutely stunning! Love the glow you've achieved (I might have to get a tube of that lavender!!).

laura said...

Magnolias do make a great subject--I try it every year when my tree blooms, and planted another tree this spring, so I have two to look forward to!
Your magnolia paintings are absolutely the finest, most beautiful I've ever seen: the shapes, colors, the balance you achieve between planning/control and letting the paint move ...
I'm in awe!

Carol Carter said...

THank you Rhonda.... I love painting these magnolias. They were such a compelling subject for me. I don't know what it was-- they just seem to be so lush!
You must try the Lavender.... I think you will love it.

Thank you Laura.... the maganolias were amazing this year. I have never felt like painting them until this June. They remind me of the South - where I grew up. I think they are wonderful blossoms to work with -- so large and dynamic. Give it a try! oh yes... I worked hard at making the paint fluid and yet..controlled. Thank you for noticing!

Carol said...

Love them! Oh, good...another new color to buy!!

Diana said...

love your work, like the almost abstraction of the back leaves shadows and the lumines of the blooms. gorgeous, Diana

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Diane. It is so good to read your post. Thank you for observation at the balance between abstraction and realism. i am always trying to straddle that line...

BrandNewStudio said...

Beautiful work.
It has been delightful
to visit your gallery.
Good Creations

CarolynnzArt said...

Hi Carol... the magnolias are strking, and you're right, the richer the green the more the flower pops out from the paper! I also wanted to comment on the burro. He is unique and darling.

thanks for sharing! ~~carolynn

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Brand... lovely to read your post.

Thank you too Carolyn, I think the darker the greens...the more dramatic the contrast.
I love the burro too. He seems so lifelike and friendly! Just a small painting... but almost more perfect in it's jewel like scale.

Thank you both for posting!