Carol Carter

18 July 2011


I got my summer edition of PRATIQUE DES ARTS a French magazine who published a beautiful article on my work. It's a lovely interview and tutorial of a watercolor. The whole article is in French, so I'm not sure what it says!

But.. the visuals and layout are gorgeous --and I'm thrilled to be included.

Please look for it at your newsstand- or go to their website to order your copy.



olivia said...

Well, you received it Carol ! Great.

Carol Carter said...

Hi Olivia, I first recieved the copy from the magazine on Saturday-- then TODAY I received your copy! Thank you!!!
Where can I send you payment?

thank you SO much for sending to me!


olivia said...

WOW 2 ! Great.
I sent you a link few days ago to rou email. I will send it to you again.
Have a nice day Carol.

CarolynnzArt said...

congratulations! i can't remember where i first saw your work -- perhaps Watercolor Artist magazine? What i recall most is how impressive and one-of-a-kind your work is! I adore your paintings, your choice of color and style makes each painting a new experience for me.

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to stare at it whenever i like! **smile!**

best regards ~~carolynn