Carol Carter

30 November 2011

Happy Clients!! From ITALY!!!

My painting finally arrived in Italy.... after being in the mail for over a month!!

My clients were so patient and agreeable-- and did not get discouraged. I was annoyed with the mail service-- as they inadvertently sent it to a different country!

Anyway, it FINALLY got delivered!

So exciting!

So here they are!!! Happy day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Fausto!

15" h x 11" w

25 November 2011

Cash and Carry Christmas!

Cash and Carry Christmas!

small affordable paintings this Christmas at my OPEN STUDIO!

December 10

12- 5 pm

3156 Shenandoah Avenue
St. Louis MO



Cookies, hot chocolate

affordable ART!!!

please feel free to invite friends and stop by

21 November 2011

Chinese Lanterns....

My Chinese Lanterns sold today....

I'm extra happy that they are going to a great couple. These new clients have a special house that will accentuate the particular colorful nature of these lanterns.

Wow... what a way to start the Christmas season!

Chinese Lanterns
29" h x 41" w

16 November 2011

Open STudio- Christmas Sale!

I am having an OPEN STUDIO

DECEMBER 10, 2011
12 - 5 pm.

My friend-- Kristen Powers will also be there-- to share her work.

We are providing AFORDABLE art along with REFRESHMENTS for holiday cheer~

I am busy preparing for this--- and will have a lot of small paintings.... all interesting subjects and styles for you.

Everyone is invited --- please remember--- buy art for holiday giving... buy local!

We all need to support each other this season... and it starts in your own neighborhood!

Cash and Carry Christmas
3156 Shenandoah Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63104

12- 5 pm

All invited!


14 November 2011


Painted a hollyhock stem today.... lovely day to paint too.

It was uncharacteristically warm and humid for mid NOVEMBER in the Midwest.....

But... it does make for gorgeous watercoloring!

The glow in the back is evidence of the moisture in the air.

I love they remind me of summer.

30" h x 22" w
email for purchase

13 November 2011

Swamp Thing

I have been working on the last of the paintings for the Strathmore exhibition in Washington DC. A two panel painting that is of a swamp in the Everglades National Park.

It' measures about 8 feet across and 5 feet high.
Each panel has a presence of light and water and mystery.

The blooms were difficult to manage ... but keeping them centrally located on the paper was the key.

What do you think? Any ideas for titles?

46" h x 34" w each panel

09 November 2011

HEC TV Video of My studio

A really nice video about painting/life/art in my studio. Aaron Mermelstein did a wonderful job producing this piece.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

08 November 2011

Happy and beautiful Client!

Happy dance for this client!

This lovely client bought a small watercolor as a present for her daughter.

Of course... I was thrilled.... and am so excited to be part of the new mother's collection.

Thank you thank you... for continued support of my work!!

You are the best Jan!

French Pram
8" h x 10" w

06 November 2011

Workshop in FRANCE-

I have been invited to give a workshop in France August 6-10 2012.

It is a premier location in France-- catering to all the established watercolorist internationally. I am thrilled and honored to have been invited.

Please visit my website for my information -- or contact:

Would love it for you to join me there!

We will paint our hearts out!

For more information:

03 November 2011

Upcoming Watercolor Workshop in Mt. Vernon IL at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Hey everyone... Please join me for a lively workshop in Central IL!

Looking forward to sharing with you my watercolor technique.

02 November 2011


Elisa and I installed some French watercolors at 6 NORTH COFFEE today.

This is a lighthearted exhibition of studies of France.

Please go and have a look .... and enjoy a hot coffee or chai !

They also offer great food ....

6 North Coffee
Ballwin MO

01 November 2011

Small Glads

Did a small painting of gladiolas for the French show that I'm hanging at 6 North Coffee tomorrow.

I have done a few watercolors based around the theme of France.

All are small in scale and delicate in color.

Come and visit!

Small Glads
12" h x 12" w

6 North Coffee
Clayton Road
Ballwin, MO