Carol Carter

03 November 2011

Upcoming Watercolor Workshop in Mt. Vernon IL at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Hey everyone... Please join me for a lively workshop in Central IL!

Looking forward to sharing with you my watercolor technique.


Carol Blackburn said...

Sounds like a great workshop, Carol. Do you give private lessons via email?

Carol Carter said...

I have never done a lesson by mail.... but I would be willing to try. What do you have in mind?

RH Carpenter said...

Just want to share with the blogger/viewers that I've taken a workshop from Carol before and it's wonderful! Her color sense keeps you excited all day long and you have plenty of time to try out her wet-in-wet style and colors and get that pop Carol always gets. And...I've sent my deposit for this workshop, too; time for a refresher and a 3-day workshop fits just fine and doesn't overload my mind :) Looking forward to seeing some of you there - and to seeing Carol again!

kae pea said...

Carol is a fabulous painter and just as fabulous as a painting instructor! I wish I could take this workshop!!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Rhonda and Kristen. I hope you both come to the workshop. It is always a joy being with you ... and you are both wonderful artists.

Rhonda... we will have some catch-up time at dinners in Mt. Vernon. Looking forward to seeing you.

Kristen.... looking forward to seeing you this week!