Carol Carter

14 November 2011


Painted a hollyhock stem today.... lovely day to paint too.

It was uncharacteristically warm and humid for mid NOVEMBER in the Midwest.....

But... it does make for gorgeous watercoloring!

The glow in the back is evidence of the moisture in the air.

I love they remind me of summer.

30" h x 22" w
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Rose said...

Another lovely one! Your palette is so you :) It's incredible how much you can do in one day! I look forward to seeing more xox

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Rose. This painting didn't take too long. I work fast... and maybe that's good or maybe not. I have just been finishing work the last few days... of paintings in mid state. look on FB tomorrow for a few more paintings that I have been doing last minute details on. xx

Rose said...

You bet, Carol.. I'll be watching! Wish I worked fast, but I'm all over the place lately as I'm in love with so many art mediums! xox You're awesome!

Carol Carter said...

Keep painting in other mediums. It's your time to explore! I work fast.. .but that is not necessarily a virtue. Paint at your own speed .... and let it develop in time.

Glad we are friends! Happy painting today.


Rose said...

Thank you again so much! You're a blessing and I also treasure our friendship xox
Son is down with a headache today but hoping to get some time in later for painting! Hugs to you on this dreary day in FL. Hope it's brighter in your part of the world.

Paula said...

These are just SO pretty! I love the bright vibrant colours in your art :)

Carol Carter said...

Hoping your son was feeling better today Rose.

Thank you Paula... for liking the HOLLYS and for your compliment about the color in my work.

Thank you both! Thank you all!

Rose said...

Thank you Carol.. he's doing much better tonight! XOX

SKIZO said...