Carol Carter

29 August 2011

More France!

I have taken so many photos of France-- I could post SO many here.

But I pormise to only post one more batch - and then move on to art.

It was a magical time and wonderful place to paint.

The two women here-- are artists from India- that came to the worksop.

27 August 2011

Finally Arrived at Frayssinet France!

Sorry to not be blogging these last few days-- but I have been teaching and touring in France. It all kept me so busy-- there was little time to spend on the computer.

Needless to say-- it was a FANTASTIC time!

There were 14 students from ALL over the world-- Norway, India, Malta, Sweden, USA.

We all got along famously-- and painted furiously.

Our hosts-- Bill and Corrine from LeVieux Couvent -- put on an amazing visit. They cooked French feasts for us EVERYDAY! Each meal was more spectacular than the next!

The food was from the region-- grown locally and prepared fresh. The fruit was outstanding.

What a perfect mix of painting, inspiration, food, wine, touring, imagery, countryside, weather, beauty, light.

I have NEVER had a more perfect workshop! It truly was an adventure and an experience.

More pics to follow.....

13 August 2011

Toulouse France

I made it to Toulouse France today ...and already went all around town in search of things to do with my friend Danielle. Danielle has proven to be quite the tour guide-- with mapping, suggestions, and orienting us to the city.

It is a graceful city ! Not too busy or crowded.

We did flea markets, lunch, nap, coffee, dinner, walking, Metro [wherer I got slammed in the door], sightseeing, photographing, talking, shopping, laughing, sharing.

It's been real fun!

11 August 2011


Leaving for France tomorrow!

Going to teach a workshop at LEVIEUX CONVENT

in Burgundy.

I am so excited---....

I get to meet many new friends/students... I have artists coming from Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, India, USA, and France.


Please visit here often to see and hear about the adventures of the trip.

I promise to record everything .

Viva la France!

Looking forward to all the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells....

oh yes.. and some painting!

09 August 2011

SNORT finds a Pasture

Here is a better digital of SNORT. I love the richness of this painting....and clarity of color.

So happy it found a home and will be bringing someone joy!


40" h x 50" w

07 August 2011

SNORT finds a Pasture

I love the painting of SNORT-- which I did in 2008.

It is always a fascination for me to watch cows-- any time I get a chance. I believe it's a primal response to the nobility of the species. They always hypnotize me!

I did a whole series of bovine-imagery-- some from Napa Valley, Costa Rica, and the Midwest.

SNORT has finally been placed with a good collector -- and I couldn't be happier!

40" h x 50" w

Pig and Piglet!

I painted PIG or STATE FAIR PIG a couple of years ago -- after visiting the Illinois State Fair. There were only 6 pigs in the Pig Pavillion -- because it was the summer of "swine flu." The farmers were worried that people wouldn't come to the fair -- if they bought their prize-pigs in for show. It was a silly knee jerk reaction to the epidemic... but understandable.

The lonely pig was so beautiful-- I just had to paint him!

The other day -- I painted a smaller version of him -- PIGET. It is in the same family of approach to the larger watercolor.

Long live State Fairs! I'm real sorry to miss the one in Illinois this year-- as I will be away.

22" h x 15" w

40" h x 30" w
email for purchase

04 August 2011

New MAG!!! Magnolia in BLOOM!

I have been enchanted with magnolias this summer.

There's something seductive and monumental about them.

I wanted to capture some of the lusciousness and character of each and every blossom.

They reek of "southern" and "genteel" and beauty to me.

Having spent some time in Mississippi when growing up-- they remind me of all the Southern hospitality I experienced there.... sweet tea and pecan pie~!

So, here's my latest watercolor of a magnolia. It's larger than the rest. I will probably do one more companion piece and call it a day.

I love magnolias!

22" h x 30" w
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