Carol Carter

07 August 2011

Pig and Piglet!

I painted PIG or STATE FAIR PIG a couple of years ago -- after visiting the Illinois State Fair. There were only 6 pigs in the Pig Pavillion -- because it was the summer of "swine flu." The farmers were worried that people wouldn't come to the fair -- if they bought their prize-pigs in for show. It was a silly knee jerk reaction to the epidemic... but understandable.

The lonely pig was so beautiful-- I just had to paint him!

The other day -- I painted a smaller version of him -- PIGET. It is in the same family of approach to the larger watercolor.

Long live State Fairs! I'm real sorry to miss the one in Illinois this year-- as I will be away.

22" h x 15" w

40" h x 30" w
email for purchase


Isabel P. Lima said...

Marvellous colors!!

Carol Carter said...

thank you for noticing the color!
they are piggy-pink!

RH Carpenter said...

Those little piggies just glow with health and happiness :)

Carol Carter said...

piggy pink!!! that's why they glow rhonda...

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Carol, I love pic paintings. Have a few of my own, too. I also have a blog called and thought I'd invite you to join. It is for Carols only. Hope you'll stop by. If you want to join in just become a follower and I'll send you an initation that makes you able to blog on it too.

Unknown said...

Really great work.

Carol Carter said...

i went to your blog carol... and joined! thanks for coming to mine. lovely to be in the family of "carols!"

Thank you Tim... I do appreciate your compliment!