Carol Carter

04 August 2011

New MAG!!! Magnolia in BLOOM!

I have been enchanted with magnolias this summer.

There's something seductive and monumental about them.

I wanted to capture some of the lusciousness and character of each and every blossom.

They reek of "southern" and "genteel" and beauty to me.

Having spent some time in Mississippi when growing up-- they remind me of all the Southern hospitality I experienced there.... sweet tea and pecan pie~!

So, here's my latest watercolor of a magnolia. It's larger than the rest. I will probably do one more companion piece and call it a day.

I love magnolias!

22" h x 30" w
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Studio at the Farm said...

This is truly luscious, Carol.I love the style of all your work - beautiful!!!

RH Carpenter said...

I love your magnolias, too!