Carol Carter

31 August 2007


This is the first painting in a series of work on ST THOMAS, VIRGIN ISLANDS. i spent some time there last spring... teaching watercolor. i didn't get as much imagery to work from as i normally do .. but has caught my eye.

This acrylic is 16 x 20.. and is mid-state. i need to develop more richly the pattern in the leaves. there's a dizzy perspective that i like ... looking up at he the foliage beyond the gate. St Thomas is rich in all of it's winding streets and crannies.... this hidden treasure of the artist's house was particularly intriguing.

i plan to do 6 painting in this series.
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28 August 2007

half empty/half full

This is a from a series of 5 watercolors. each painting measures 14 h x 11 w .........
tell me what you think.!
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27 August 2007


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self portrait 2005

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new blog for me!!

I have decided to start a blog... and develop on site watercolor and acrylic painting for sale.................... share painting technique and tips... as well as where i get inspiration and how my art is progressing in the studio.