Carol Carter

08 July 2012

Self Portrait 1985

Portrait... the EXCEDERIN way!

I have been digitzing older painting as I run across them in my studio.

The large blue self portrait is a large scale watercolor from 1985.

I did  a show of self portraits for Mark Twain Bank that year.  It was my first solo exhibition after graduating from Washington University with my MFA.

Adam Aronson was President of Mark Twain and was a vast supporter of local art.  He had a keen interest in launching careers and helping them grow.

The show consisted of 10 self portraits in 10 weeks.  Quite ambitious!

Blue Self is one of two from the exhibition.  The rest were either sold, destroyed, or stolen.  Yes, stolen.

I will tell that story later.

I enjoy this painting on so many levels.  I'm glad it's still with me.

Blue Self
40" h x 60" w


Arti said...

Its beautiful..great that you are still having it after so many years....1985...Hmm. that makes me think, does that mean I will have to wait another 20 years to paint like you! :)

RH Carpenter said...

It's wonderful to see some of your older works, Carol. Lovely colors and your style was evolving into what it is today, I see. Sorry some were stolen :(

jyoti kumar said...

I love it me it is quite dynamic...I have stared a series on sun-worshipers and wish to complete 100 of them in few years time ...the whole idea brings joy to me and fills me up-to-the-brim with eternal motivate me towards that all the time...have done two,wonder if you will like them?

Watermarycolors said...

Gorgeous painting, different and original!! i love it.. Congrat!

Unknown said...

As always it's amazing - how do you do it? I struggle with love and hate of the painting process. I'm currently in love but who knows when that will end.