Carol Carter

25 February 2012

I'm feeling blue.. portrait

This watercolor portrait is from 1987. I was cleaning out my flat files and stumbled upon it.

I wanted to throw it away -- but decided to add another wash to it for the possibilites. I covered most of the painting with an Antwerpt Blue glaze.

Imagine my surprise... when it turned out a little deeper and better than I expected!

So... I will spend a little more time on it -- to bring it around to new conclusion.

My students in the studio -- thought I had done a painting of my son. How neat! This portrait was of me 26 years ago... and that's about the age his is now.



Blue Portrait
30" h x 40" w
email for purchase


Susan Liles said...

I like this, reminds me of "winter blues" that we can get in the month of February.

RH Carpenter said...

Well, blues of all kinds are my favorites and this is beautiful!! So neat that your son's face was seen in this self-portrait of you at his age!! Perhaps you're as bit blue because he's away?

Carol Carter said...

Yes Susan and Rhonda... I do believe I am feeling a bit blue. This portrait kinda says it all for how I feel. Evan left yesterday for London -- on his way to life in Hong Kong for two years. I miss him so ... as a mom would. But.. i wish him the best -- because this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

I like the portrait.. and plan to finish some day.

Thanks for your posts.

Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, I thought it was your son, too! It really is looking quite cool - literally and figuratively :)

Carol Carter said...

yes ... it looks like my son... but it was me 26 years ago! he's about the same age as that portrait now... very interesting indeed.

Watermarycolors said...

Amazing portrait! :)

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Mari! Your comment is so appreciated!