Carol Carter

29 February 2012

Bountiful Bouquet for LEAP DAY!

Here is a Bountiful Bouquet for Leap Day! I have always loved Leap Day--- probably because it doesn't come around very often!

I did this watercolor several years ago-- but reworked it to have my power and meaning. I think it's finished now ... it's come together nicely for me.

Happy LEAP DAY everyone!

Spring Day!

Spring Day Bounty
30" h x 22" w
email for purchase


RH Carpenter said...

And a happy leap day to you with lots of rain for your painting days!

River Skye said...

This is so pretty, I love it!

Studio at the Farm said...

WOW ... just WOW!!! What a gorgeous painting! I wish you a Happy Leap Day, too.

jyoti kumar said...

Happy Leap day to you Carol,its just that this painting is FAB,FAB,FAB.Today in this painting I feel all the lovely colours are leaping,hopping,dancing to me and those lovely blue blooms are like sunshine tearing through darkness.

Carol Carter said...

Thanks Rhonda.... Leap Day has always been fun!

Thanks River Skye.... I appreciate your post.!

Thank you Studio...Happy Leap Day to you!

Thank you Jyoti... Happy Leap day !!