Carol Carter

31 October 2012

Nude Watercolor

I have been stepping outside the box and trying something new.  A nude watercolor with deep black background.

I am trying something different... to add a bit of mystery and intrigue to my swimmer series.

The black will be melding in more to the reflection in days to come.

I've worked on it so hard.. that I'm fatigued with it.  I'm taking a break from it now.

Look for the final version in the days to come.

22" h x 30" w
in progress


Working on a koi fish painting.  The format fits the exact message of flow and blend of color.

I love koi... and I would love a waterpond.

Maybe one day in the future... there will be one in my yard.  [wish]


25" h x 40" w
2012 in progress

26 October 2012

Whitewater Wisconsin Workshop Oct 2012

A wonderful workshop was concluded this week in Whitewater Wisconsin.  The people, the facilities, the food, the weather- couldn't have been more perfect!

Thank you-- to Marilyn -  for making the effort to put such a great event together.

I had a terrific time-- meeting all the new students.  Everyone got the "glow"!

Looking forward to seeing all good paintings from them in the future.

21 October 2012

Good bye Geneseo ILLINOIS! Hello Whitewater Wisconsin!

Workshop in Geneso Illinois is complete!

What a great time and GREAT group!  all 17 strong!

I had a wonderful time working in this rural agricultural town.  The ambiance was so welcoming.

The glorious windfarm windmills and sunset stood as sentinels of change.

Thank you to all who made this possible-- Sandy, Sue, Geneseo Art League!

I look forward to seeing you all again!

20 October 2012

Geneseo IL Watercolor Workshop!

I have spent the last two days working with a fine group of painters-- 18 in all.... at the Geneseo Art League!

They invited me up to do a workshop-- and we have been having a good time.

Geneseo is in the middle of rich farm country--- hogs, corn, soybeans, John Deere, etc.

This small quaint town used to be the Hog-Capital of the Country!

Will post more pics later today... but for now.. .time to go PAINT~!!

13 October 2012

New Catalogue of Printed Works

I was asked to be in a fine art print art catalogue this Fall.  They printer chose 20 of my paintings to be made into prints.  These prints will be on canvas, paper, glass, metal, and epoxy resin finish.

I can't wait to see some samples.

The prints will be marketed nationwide -- but only at trade shows.  They aren't available to the public.

11 October 2012

Live Converstation with ME at 11 am today

Tune in at 11 am CST today to hear LIVE INTERVIEW with me!

09 October 2012

Tye Dye Swimm- Watercolor

Tye Dye Swimm is a new painting from the Swimmer Series.  It's a fun piece... full of life, colof, joy, and pattern.

Perfect to start your sunny summery day!

Tye Dye Swimm
11" h x 15" w

07 October 2012

Saint Louis Watercolor Society Workshop Oct 2012

Just finished a real nice workshop of great artists--  24 in all!

They made the 3 days lively and fun.  There was a lot of listening, painting, conversing, and sharing.

What a great group!

Thank you for inviting me to help you learn about color, water,  and the "rules" of watercolor according to me!

03 October 2012

Kalvag NORWAY boat

This simple painting was done from imagery seen in Kalvag, NORWAY-- the beautiful, quaint fishing village I visited last summer.

I taught a workshop there... as many of you know-- and during the off hours--- I would shoot the harbor.

Fishing boats, skifs, trollers, yachts, row boats, oar boats...and much much more were there.

Of course... I liked the simplier more antique boats.

Over the next few months-- you will see more and more of this imagery appear in my work.

11" h x 15" w

01 October 2012

Everglades Landscape- Scrub Pines

Scrub Pines from the EVERGLADES Series is framed today.

It is a long, horizontal format- different for me.

It will hang in the Everlades exhibition one day.

Scrub Pines
12" h x 45" w