Carol Carter

27 February 2011

The Italian Suite at CEDARHURST

The Italian Suite at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts opened on Friday, Feburary 25.

It was a gala opening- with tons of people and lots of excitement.

I was particularly gratified to see how elegant the presentation! The Cedarhurst staff did an exceptional job at installing the work, and lighting the space. The paintings glowed!

Rusty Freeman curated an excellent exhibition. He was so easy to work with and gave a warming speech.

Barbara Archer of Archer Wealth Management made transportation possible for 57 people to come over from St. Louis on the Champagne Bus Tour!

Marty Koch was instrumental in keeping things running smoothly for contacts, sales, prices, and requests.

The food and drinks were plenteous and enjoyable.

The books, of course, were phenomenal!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my work with a new community.

Thank you to all that made this evening a huge success!

Please know that The Italian Suite will be up for two months until May 1, 2011.

We will be planning at least one gallery talk.

I hope all are able to see the exhibition!

The Italian Suite
Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
2600 Richview Road
Mt. Vernon, Il

23 February 2011

Installation at Cedarhurst

The installation is coming down to the final stretch. Today, Marty and I drove to Cedarhurst -- and checked out the show. We tweaked some of the paintings-- putting them into some visible pattern and flow.

It was fun and rewarding.

The blue wall was painted-- and my name and title of the show were added.

What a thrill! I couldn't be more pleased with the way everything looks!

The work is installed and lit today.

The opening is Friday, Feb 25.

I am excited!

Please come to the opening-- all are invited

The Italian Suite
Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
2600 Richview Road
Mt. Vernon, IL

Feb 25th 6:30 - 8:30 pm

22 February 2011

Installation of ITALY at the CEDARHURST

Yesterday we delivered the work to the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts.

It was raining the whole way there --- although the paintings were tightly wrapped and arrived dry.

The afternoon was spent arranging and rearranging the work on the floor and walls -- to see how the exhibition will flow.

Rusty Freeman, Rosemary, and Ray all helped with the layout, transportation, and design of the show.

It was a fun time [for me] to see how all this art will come together in the final presentation!

Tomorrow...I will revisit the space with Marty for last minute details...and tweaking the show.

I am excited for the final leg of this journey!

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
Mt. Vernon, IL

19 February 2011

The Italian Suite is ready for Delivery

On Monday... I will be driving the show over to Cedarhurst Museum for the exhibition and opening.

I am excited to have gotten this part of the job done. Documenting, wiring, labeling, price list, and bubble wrapping 80 paintings has been a big job!

It was nice to see it come together. I am excited to see the work in the space.

Stay tuned this week to see some preview photos of the installation!

The Italian Suite
Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

16 February 2011

Two Versions of One great Book!

My Graphic Designer and Creative Director made another version of The Italian Suite book.

The smaller paperback version is a mirror image of the larger coffee table book.

Each is distinct in it's quality-- both of them offering over 50 color reproductions of painting plus an essay by the Visual Art Curator from the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts.

Both books can be found at

and available now.

Larger book: $98.00 with shipping
Smaller book: $42.00 with shipping

Please order your book right away!

12 February 2011

Here's a quick and easy way to order the book: THE ITALIAN SUITE

11 February 2011

The Italian Suite Book

The Italian Suite book is here!

It's a wonderful new book with over 50 color plates of painting.

There is an essay by Rusty Freeman, Curator of Visual Art, Cedarhurst Center of Art, Mount Vernon, IL.

It's a beautiful coffee-table art book -- available at: www.

Please buy a copy-- and bring it by the studio for a signature.

There is also a smaller version in the works for your consideration.

Both large and small books will be available at the opening or to order online.

The Italian Suite
11" h x 13"
$98. [includes shipping]

08 February 2011

St Thomas USVI Exhibition: Paradise

I just returned from a few days in the USVI -- St. Thomas.

I had a small showing of watercolors at the Mango Tango Gallery on the island.

It was fun, warm, and rewarding.

So many new friends and opportunities!

I may go back for a longer visit in the summer.

The exhibition was featured in the DESTINATION magazine as well as the local paper. Destination Magazine is featured in all the planes coming into the island for a year~

I will post additional photos of the workshop I held there at the ANTILLES SCHOOL for high schoolers.

Ahh...... warmth and sunshine in paradise!

01 February 2011

Editing THE ITALIAN Suite book

Marty, Kristen, and I worked on designing the most fabulous book on The Italian Suite.

The book is being published by Blurb in two versions:

one hardbound 11" h x 13" w

one softbound cover 8" h x 11" w

both books will have over 55 paintings in full color and an opening statement by me and essay by Rusty Freeman, Curator of Cedarhurst Center for the Arts.

It is a gorgeous book -- thanks to the diligent direction of Marty, and the amazing designing eye and hand of Kristen.

I will carry samples of both books at the opening of the exhibition and a chance for you to place your orders too.

The painting I included here is a long lost painting from when I was in graduate school. It is an acrylic on paper-- based on the inspiration I felt from seeing CHRISTO'S wrapped islands in Biscayne Bay in 1983. It was a wonderful thing to see such a massive installation from a famous artist!

This piece BISCAYNE BLUE- started my whole series on basing work around my love of Florida. It has been a rich roll of imagery for me -- one that I still work on today!

Biscayne Blue
30" h x 40" w
private collection