Carol Carter

22 February 2011

Installation of ITALY at the CEDARHURST

Yesterday we delivered the work to the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts.

It was raining the whole way there --- although the paintings were tightly wrapped and arrived dry.

The afternoon was spent arranging and rearranging the work on the floor and walls -- to see how the exhibition will flow.

Rusty Freeman, Rosemary, and Ray all helped with the layout, transportation, and design of the show.

It was a fun time [for me] to see how all this art will come together in the final presentation!

Tomorrow...I will revisit the space with Marty for last minute details...and tweaking the show.

I am excited for the final leg of this journey!

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
Mt. Vernon, IL


RH Carpenter said...

Having seen the gallery space, I know this is going to be a gorgeous show, Carol! Wishing you great success and sales :) Yesterday was a truly crappy day to travel with all the rain rain rain.

Carol Carter said...

WEll.. Rhonda.. the show was delivered safely-- no glitches. We are hanging ALL 80 paintings!
I drove over today with Marty-- and we tweaked it with the curator. I love the way it looks... and I'm thrilled with the way it turned out.
Will be posting pics shortly.