Carol Carter

28 June 2009


this watercolor.. on unknown paper.. has been slightly a challenge for me. there were many times i felt like giving up.. and actually did.......
but... another day.. and another try and bringing it to conclusion.

at the end.. i used a scrub sponge.. and wiped out many areas to lighten the darks and add more shimmer and sparkle.

i can't say that it's finished.. but i can say.. that it's posted here.. and tomorrow.. perhaps.. will bring on another day's efforts.

30" h x 22"w
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25 June 2009

Michael Jackson

I saw him in concert in the late 70's with the Jackson 5.

I grew up on his music.

I laughed as my son did the "moon walk" at age 2.

He was a pop icon.

He will be missed.
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23 June 2009

Firenze 2009 ITALY

a truly wonderful trip!

how beautiful FLORENCE ITALY is! the light -- the food... the antiquities.. the art.... oh my!

i had a tremendous time.. and am so moved by all that i saw and did.

my terrific friends -- stan and rose strembicki [photo] we amazing hosts-- squiring me around to various places.

in the coming days... i will share more of my trip on this blog.




Ponte Vechhio

Bell Tower

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15 June 2009


i am leaving the great state of MISSOURI today.. for the wonderful country of ITALY!!!


it's a dream come true! i have wanted to paint TUSCANY for years.. and now i get my chance.

i will be absent from the blog for 10 days... as i am not bringing my laptop.

please visit me again soon.. and i will share with you my photos and inspirations from my journey.

bon voyage!!! and happy painting all!

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13 June 2009

Two Happy Clients- watercolor

Two, well, three clients received their paintings today.... it was a rich day of seeing art go out the door.

Naughty Girl was purchased by David Allen. He's thrilled and so am I. It will be a good home for her. She is one of my favorites from the Good Girl/Bad Girl exhibition in 2006.

Shattered was purchased by a client [anonymous] in St. Louis County. I delivered the piece which will be installed later. She is happy .. and I am confident that it's a good fit-- for her rainbow personality!

My other client picked up her portraits... but I will post her photo at another time.


Naughty Girl
watercolor on Arches 300 lb cp
36" h x 46" w

watercolor on Arches 300 lb cp
35" h x 28" w
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Watercolor Portrait

Beautiful sweet portrait of small, delicate and tiny client! She was great to paint... and the washes were kept soft to stay fresh and young.

Commissioned Portrait
watercolor on Arches cp 300 lb
20" h x 20" w
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09 June 2009

Sweet Portrait-- Watercolor

This adorable little girl was wonderful to paint. She's so delicate.. i thought it best to keep the washes light.. and the feeling simple.

The commission is for a local client.

Commissioned Portrait
watercolor on Arches 300 lb cp
15" h x 15" w
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08 June 2009

Evan's Graduation- Principia College!

This weekend was filled with the wonderful opportunity to see my son -- Evan Carter Clark graduate with HIGHEST HONORS from Principia College in Elsah, IL.

He was also the GRAND MARSHALL for the class of 2009!

It was outstanding to see him receive his degree.

I was so happy and proud to see him with his friends, colleagues, and teachers. He received the Business Award and was an introducer of speakers at the Baccalaureate ceremony.

Goodness... how grateful I am to have such a wonderful son!

Congraulations Evan!!

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02 June 2009

Watercolor Portraiture

I spent the last two days.. doing 2 portraits of the same little girl. One for the child's parents.. and the other for the child's grandparents.

Each painting is similar.. and distinct!

Back to back portraits have their challenges and virtues. It was easy to make them related... and also... try to make them different.

The client picked them up as soon as I was finished -- very fine!

Baby Karakus
20" h x 20" w

Baby Karakus
15" h x 15" w

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