Carol Carter

13 June 2009

Watercolor Portrait

Beautiful sweet portrait of small, delicate and tiny client! She was great to paint... and the washes were kept soft to stay fresh and young.

Commissioned Portrait
watercolor on Arches cp 300 lb
20" h x 20" w
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Barb Sailor said...

What a beautiful, delicate portrait. I love the way you handled her hair and the background ...such nice contrast to the smooth skin.

RH Carpenter said...

I loved the first one and love this one, too, with just a touch of color adding a bit extra - still those eyes are what makes this one and the luminosity of the paint. Beautiful!
Congratulations on the happy buyers, too!! That always helps!

Carol Carter said...

thank you barbara and rhonda. i think this portrait is quite successful -- and i was glad to see the results. it was a challenge.. but ended up soft and dreamy.. just like the little girl.