Carol Carter

28 June 2009


this watercolor.. on unknown paper.. has been slightly a challenge for me. there were many times i felt like giving up.. and actually did.......
but... another day.. and another try and bringing it to conclusion.

at the end.. i used a scrub sponge.. and wiped out many areas to lighten the darks and add more shimmer and sparkle.

i can't say that it's finished.. but i can say.. that it's posted here.. and tomorrow.. perhaps.. will bring on another day's efforts.

30" h x 22"w
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Ann said...

WOW... that's amazing. I want that. I wish I could afford that.

John Salmon said...


Carol Carter said...

thank you both! but.. it's still a work in progress... and needs a bit more to bring to completion.. thanks!! for your encouragement ....;0))

Sandy Maudlin said...

Sure captures the splash of water in your face. Invigorating!

Carol Carter said...

thanks sandy.. always fun to hear from you!

i'm going to paint the actually "splash" this week... hope it turns out.