Carol Carter

23 April 2011

Gator Progress

The GATOR got more work today.. It's going down in value and becoming darker and richer.

I want to make him moody and swampy ... so that it evokes a sense of tension and stare.

Alligators in the Everglades were mesmerizing to me. I want to portray that same sense of awe and observation when I paint them.

This is my first attempt.

Although it has gone differently than I thought-- I'm beginning to like this painting.

46" h x 34" w
in progress


RH Carpenter said...

I like this big gator, Carol. And I like that you're going to make him a bit swampy, dark, menacing - not a pet gator in an aquarium, this big guy is out there and ready to snap.

Double "D" said...

Just an amazing process to watch.
I've never seen anything close to the effects
you create.

Very talented Carol, very talented.

Rustique Restoration said...

Carol! This looks so amazing! You are one talented woman! You can blow us away in both watercolor and acrylic! This is turning out so cool!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Your gator is absolutely stunning!!! And I can't imagine at that size, jaw dropping I'm sure! Can't wait to see the final version, but he's pretty fantastic right now!!

Carol Carter said...

Thanks Rhonda... I worked on the gator today .. and posted recent pic. I think he's a little deeper and richer. Almost done.. for now.

Thank you Doug-- the gator has a life of his own! He's very big and striking..

Jennifer-- Thank you for your post and your compliment. I am so happy to hear from you.

Carrie, thank you for coming to the blog. Your work is amazing too. The gator is nearing completion... thank you for your support! The scale is arresting for sure.