Carol Carter

13 April 2011

Getting Ready!

One of my advanced watercolor students is getting ready for her Senior Show at Maryville University.

She has painted a tremendous amount-- along with the other 3 seniors who are having their exhibitions this spring too.

I am so proud of their work -- and all of them as emerging painters.

It has been a pleasure and honor to work with them.

Congratulations to all!


Studio at the Farm said...

Their work IS good! Kudos to you as their instructor.

MB Shaw said...

Amazing work, I think this speaks both to her ability and to your talent as a teacher. Wow!!

Carol Carter said...

I love being a teach everyone... thank you for your compliments. Kelly is a fabulous student... but recently came into her own with this body of work. she will continue on and become a great artist.

Thank you Marybeth...!!!