Carol Carter

06 April 2011

Big Gator

Here's a better digital of the GATOR painting I'm working on.
He's not more completed than the last time I photographed him.... but it is a clearer, more color-true image.

I look forward to finishing him soon...and moving on to the next.

So far.... I like the way he's progressing!

Stay tuned for more gator.

Big Gator
45" h x 35" w
in progress


Double "D" said...

Can't wait.

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Looking forward to seeing his completion! Has to be so impressive in person at that size:)

Montse said...

Da miedo con solo verlo. Impresionante.

It's scary just to see it. Awesome.

Carol Carter said...

Grrrr... montse! yes... i think the gator is scary too! but.. he IS fun to paint...