Carol Carter

25 April 2011

Gator almost Done!

Working on the gator today --- along with rain, lightening, and thunder.

These rainy wet days make for perfect watercoloring weather...

It has taken a different direction than I thought... but I am beginning to really like it.

It's darker and more for-boding than I originally intended.

Perfect swamp gator! They have a creepy ominous quality when you see them in the swamp.

46" h x 34" w
almost finished


Musa Balan Watercolor said...

Nice Work Carol, congrats...

Carol Carter said...

Thank you both!

Double "D" said...

Fabulous work.
It certainly portrays how
I would feel if faced with a big
alligator like this. I can feel what
the big guy is thinking!

Carol Carter said...

doug... thank you ! i found that the gator is more scary than cute! they are so fascinating yet intimidating me....