Carol Carter

20 April 2011

NAWG- Invitational Watercolor Exhibition in SPAIN

This watercolor is being shipped today to an international watercolor invitational in Spain.

I am included in the North American Watercolor Group- which is going to represent the United States contingency in the exhibition.

Of course, I am thrilled to be included.

The other artists showing are:

Nick Simmons
Mark Mehaffey
Kathleen Alexander
Tom Schaller
Keiko Tanabe

All of them are exceptional artists!

I will post the specifics of the exhibition when they become available [date, time, city]

BP Swim
30" h x 22 w


Double "D" said...

Hi Carol,
It's always interesting to look at the overall painting and then spend some time looking at the individual parts that tie it all together. I always find something surprising. You've taken a sensual subject and made it subliminal and exciting all at the same time.

It's beautiful!

p.s. I searched for a better why to make this comment but my vocabulary is suspect.

Carol Carter said...

This is beautifully said Doug.... no need to find better words. I appreciate your close obvservation and interpretation of the images I post. Your vocabulary is fine!
Hope you have a good Easter.