Carol Carter

20 April 2011

Gator Progress

I have been workin' the GATOR today .... trying to flesh out the images and values to make it work.

It's slow-going... but worth it.

It is about half finished...

Any thoughts for titles????

46" h x 34" w
in progress


Raspberry Doodles said...

I love this picture and cannot wait to see it finished. It is powerful and soft at the same time.

Happy painting

Jeanette Jobson said...

This is coming along beautifully. At this size, it will really have impact.

As for a name, can't help you out on that at the moment. Sometimes names just come for paintings, sometimes not. 'Gator is quite apt as a title.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Pam.. I am trying to remain focused on him... and bring out more of his richness. Hopefully tomorrow -- I will finish. I have to teach today!

Thank Jeanette.... The size is a challenge. I haven't worked large in a while -- 'Gator seems to fit as title... I haven't come up with anything else! I agree... sometimes titles 'just come.'

Double "D" said...

If you could write with a
Cajun accent ... "dats a Big Alligator".

Gator says it all!

Love watching the process.