Carol Carter

13 February 2013

French Watercolor

More paintings from France~

The studio holds a lot of fascination for France--- there are about 20 paintings completed for the show.  As I work the series-- I return to previous images and make changes and adjustments to deepen the message.  All works are in progress -- until they hit the frames!

I will finish when I reach 30.  The whole collection will be matted and put in mylar envelopes for travel and display in Toulouse FRANCE next year.

I will travel to Toulouse-- for the exhibition and also hold a workshop.

All imagery is from France.

Tell me what you think.... or if you have some clever titles....


11" h x 15" w each 2013


Catharina Engberg said...

Gosh I love your latest painting! They have such a glow over them. I love the great contrast between light and shadow. :) :) :)

claude.ambollet said...

I love the color contrasts compositions .. and melted surprising .. very beautiful landscape watercolors for EXPOSITION Toulouse .. I hope to come and see .. I live close to there .. congratulations:!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Ooo oh! Wonderful. What a show it will be. I'll be in Toulouse this September....wish the show was up then.

Unknown said...

These are beautiful paintings! Looks like a pouring technique - like Linda Baker?? Very effective.

RH Carpenter said...

Gorgeous color and play of light! You are really outshining yourself on these. That bicycle, the cup of tea, the trees, wow!!

RH Carpenter said...

Bicycle = Hot Ride
Cows = Hot Couture (for some reason the colors make them look like they are draped in silks with blue boots on :) I know it's haute couture but just a play on words Or perhaps, Oo la la?
Plane Trees = A Cool Space (or Walk)
Just some suggestions - not really very good ones.

Sergio DS said...

Lovely pictures, all of them. It seems a verty difficult technique, isn´t it.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Just amazing! I love all the colors. they all go so perfectly together.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Catarina..... I am happy with the French direction of painting too. I can't wait to see them all together!

Thank you Claude-- I hope you are able to come to the exposition! It would be my pleasure to meet!

Sandy -- too bad our paths won't cross! Lovely that we are both in France. I love it there.

Katharine--no poured techique -- but I do paint flat with lots of puddled water! I am going to look up Linda Baker now.

Ronday-- I believe the France show has momentum now.. and it's fun to develop it each day..... thank you for your support!

Carol Carter said...

I like your title suggestions Rhonda... will take to heart.

Sergio-- watercolor is a challenge.... but everyone can catch on!

Audrey-- I always work to make the palette of an exhibition harmonize between paintings! Thank you for noticing.

Anonymous said...

How about Avenue of Shadows for the last painting