Carol Carter

28 August 2007

half empty/half full

This is a from a series of 5 watercolors. each painting measures 14 h x 11 w .........
tell me what you think.!
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Unknown said...

Hello Carol,
I just love your paintings and am always looking at your web site. I especially love your swimmers and your watercolors look they are have lights inside. I would love to go to one of your workshops someday. I practise watercolors and live in Maine on the coast. I was excited to see that you have new paintings on your site today. I have wondered if you would ever have instructioal DVDs to offer and also was happy to see your blog. Thank you. Best Regards, Mickey (real name Michelina)

Carol Carter said...

hi.. i am sorry for the delay in my response... this is a new blog for me.. and i love reading the comments! thank you for looking at my website. i am looking in to DVD's as a format. if i get one produced -- it will definitely be offered on the site.

all the best to you with your watercoloring!