Carol Carter

30 November 2011

Happy Clients!! From ITALY!!!

My painting finally arrived in Italy.... after being in the mail for over a month!!

My clients were so patient and agreeable-- and did not get discouraged. I was annoyed with the mail service-- as they inadvertently sent it to a different country!

Anyway, it FINALLY got delivered!

So exciting!

So here they are!!! Happy day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Fausto!

15" h x 11" w


Carol Blackburn said...

How wonderful, Carol. Congratulations!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Carol.

Unknown said...

The clients are lucky to have that painting! Nice job.

Carol Carter said...

i do hope they are happy Tim. It took a while to get the painting there.... but happy that it made it! Thank you for posting.