Carol Carter

13 November 2011

Swamp Thing

I have been working on the last of the paintings for the Strathmore exhibition in Washington DC. A two panel painting that is of a swamp in the Everglades National Park.

It' measures about 8 feet across and 5 feet high.
Each panel has a presence of light and water and mystery.

The blooms were difficult to manage ... but keeping them centrally located on the paper was the key.

What do you think? Any ideas for titles?

46" h x 34" w each panel


Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, they are gorgeous! I just want to keep looking at them - fascinating colors and shapes.
"Light Emergent"?
"Lapis Light"?

Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful and so different, Carol.

Carol said...


Carol Carter said...

Thank you everyone! It is different for me. I wanted it to be understated and calm. It is a blend of 3 different paintings that I have been working on from the series. Thank you all so much!

Unknown said...

Hi Carol, I really like your paintings. Beautiful!!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Christina! Thank you for your compliment!