Carol Carter

22 July 2011


Here is a small painting of a burro I saw in the Virgin Islands several years ago.

He was a sweet thing-- by the side of the road-- wandering in the brush. I loved his face-- and felt that he must be a young one.

So.. .here's to sweet burros everywhere!

He's also a Democrat!

5" h x 5" w


Studio at the Farm said...

He's beautiful, Carol. And as always, your art is an inspiration! Thank you.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Awww... I've been seeing burros everywhere this week? Did you happen to seee the PBS POV documentary this week called Biblioburro? about a teacher in columbia who has a traveling library (via burro) IT's great! BTW, I'm going to be referencing a post on your blog on my blog tomorrow. :)

Carol Carter said...

Thank you for saying my art is an inspiration.... that means a lot to me!

Cori, I did NOT see the PBS documentary. What a neat idea to have a traveling library on a burro!

Please let me know when you post on your blog...and I will cross reference.

Thanks again everyone!

maría josé said...

Muy, muy tierno!!!!!!!!!!!!!