Carol Carter

30 July 2011

OPEN STUDIO TODAY! CAM 6th Annual Open Studio Tour in St. Louis

Studio is all cleaned and ready to go! All new artwork -- small and affordable.

Please come to the Contemporary Art Museum's 6th Annual Studio Tour in St. Louis today!

I will be there-- showing all the new work and discussing my new upcoming projects.

Feel free to stop in and have a look!

All are welcome - and all are invited.

Open Studio

3156 Shenandoah Avenue
St. Louis, Mo 63104

Come and have fun!!

Free drinks and treats.... also some free handouts.


Keith - Circle Blue said...

Carol it was a delight to meet you. I did blog about my experience of being at the open house. You can find it at:

It was a delight to meet you.

Carol Carter said...

It was wonderful to meet you too! I posted a link to your blog on my blog page and my FB pages. Thank you so much for stopping in and visiting. It was a treat to talk with you... Hope you continue to look through the windows on your commute! I should be having an open house in DEC. I hope you stop in then too.
Best! and THANKS!