Carol Carter

17 April 2012

Fabriano again!

I have decided that I needed to paint an IRIS this spring.

They are one of my FAVORITE flowers... and now in full BLOOM!

The best place to find them is at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Off I go to photograph them on Friday-- before the big rain storms.

There are dozens of varieties.. and so many to choose from!

It is always exhilarating to see them!

The last two days I've been trying the bloom on the FABRIANO paper.

Here is a painting after two days of work. I have to finish it later-- as there are pressing things for me to accomplish over the next fews days.

I promise to post the final result of this when I finish -- so you can see how it concludes!

Long live IRIS!

Flame Thrower
40" h x 30" w
in progress


maddyrose said...

Beautiful. I love the softness you've given these lovely flowers.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Maddyrose... I hope to finish this one day soon.... I am looking forward to more work on Fabriano!