Carol Carter

23 April 2012

Flame Thrower progress on watercolor

I did a few washes on the Flame Thrower watercolor yesterday.

I don't have much time to finish this painting-- the condo comes first!

Must get THAT painted!

But... here's the progress.

I really like the softer Fabriano paper. It doesn't behave with the blossoms like Arches. I will have to relearn some new techniques.

But I do like the fact that lifting and softening edges is much more responsive.

I may do a few more Iris to complete a statement.

I want to try Saunders paper as well.

Ahhhhh.... looking forward to life in the studio again ... once the CONDO is done.. and the MOVE is complete!

Flame Thrower
40" h x 30" w
in progress


RH Carpenter said...

What a perfect name for this one as it is just about to set the paper on fire!!! And I may just take you up on that guest room offer sometime, Carol :) Be careful what you offer! ha ha (I am teaching 2 beginner watercolor students now!)

jyoti kumar said...

Peek-a-boo...way to go Carol...the finished product will definitely take my breath away.

Carol Carter said...

YES... please come stay with me RHonda!! You are always welcome. So happy you are teaching. It's really eye-opening-- to try to teach someone

You will be good though...... yippee!
Thank you.

Thank you Jyoti.... I am so excited to do this painting. I'm gradually getting the feel for the new paper... and am enjoying the process.

Come back soon to see the finished piece.